Mini-Bundle! With the 10oz. MarshMello!

Perfect Size bundle with Detangling spray, Customize* Your choice of Scent and get a fiZZ*-tab!

Let Us know which Spritz You'd like in Your Bundle!  Slippyness comes from Plants!

  • You get a 10oz. Spray MarshMello, 1 Spritz, 1 x PawBalm & 1 x fiZZ*-tab!
  • Leave MarshMello dematt in* your dog's coat while you detangle-then rinse away during bath! Rinses clean!
  • Tons of Veggie*-Keratin & marshmallow root mucilage for smoothing.

Includes* the Wide-Fan Sprayer!

Pro-Tip!  >>When shampoo'ing with fiZZ*-tab--WET your dog entirely first, then use your fiZZ*-tab!
>> You can use fiZZ*-tabs as de-shedding aid, helps exfoliate with the citric acid!

Get the Pro Tips!

What's in MarshMello? How do I use it? Shake it up & read all about it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Larissa Dyck
Perfect for a Poodle

I have a 4 month doodle with lots of energy so it's a struggle getting him in the tub let alone shampoo and combed. The demat spray allows for a successful bath and comb and his curls look perfect once he's dry.

Thank you

Oh wow* Larissa! Thank you so much! So glad to hear it helps. :) ^Faith

elizabeth thomison
Mini bundle

Recieved all products ordered. Very happy with the results. My neighbor with the husky is thrilled.

So happy to hear Elizabeth! :D! yah! Thank you again.

Great product!

The dematting spray works well for our Spoo who is going through his coat change. The amazing smell is a bonus, and makes brushing out those matts so much more enjoyable.