MiniBox #3! MarshMello Dematt, 1 x Cologne & PawBalm!

The Perfect Indulgence just for ‘Your’ Grooming Day!  At Home or Try in Your Salon with Fellow Groomers!  

  • 10oz. size MarshMello Dematt (300ml)
  • 1 x PawBalm Stick
  • 1 x Marshmallow ‘smelly stuff’ Scent!

• The MiniBox #3 - Don’t ‘share’ this one! ;)   or share this one....

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Wright
wont repurchase

I don't usually leave bad reviews, so wasn't going to leave this one but keep getting emails prompting for a review. The main reason for purchase was the detangle spray, and it simply doesn't fit in my grooming routine. After ordering, I got an email stating to only use it prior to the bath and it would need to be washed out completely. I don't do that before the bath usually. If it's not matted, it's a shade down. I have tried it and it doesn't seem to work much better than any other spray, but that could be because I'm trying to use it on dirty hair as instructed. There's a qr code on the bottle that is supposed to take you to instructions. The page is no longer available, so it does not work. Was super excited to try this brand because I've heard so much about it but overall was let down. The fragrance spray does smell good. I have not used the paw balm on dogs, but did use it as a lip gloss and have no complaints.

Hi Amanda!
Thank you for your honest review.
Yes, I'm so sorry those Review widgets are programmed on time delays. Apologies!
I'm sorry the MarshMello Dematt's not what you're used to and doesn't jive with the way you do grooming! Thank you soo much for trying though!

I appreciate the feedback-sorry things were a bit delayed getting out there; Mail parcels and shipments going through Vancouver area were all backed up because of floods in lower mainland which affected all shipping going to all directions.

Thanks again for trying our other products! I published your review; it's important customers get a balanced, well-rounded set of reviews.

Sincerely, Faith Chipman