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Yes - You can actually bathe* with those Awesome fiZZ*-tabs!

  • 1 min read

These MarshMello bath tablets effervesce up* AND also bathe!  How?  Crack off a piece of the fiZZ*-tabs; you can get up to 4 baths out of one MarshMello bath tablet.  Use in either a hand-held nozzle reservoir shampoo-er (like to clean cars/shampoo) or in a hand-held shower-head that has a reservoir.  They fit!

You can use them in re-circulators too!  In fact, some prefer this method.  Some groomers will pop the entire fiZZ*-tab right into the one or two inches of warm water they're using in their tubs.  You will see you might only need 1 or 2 chunks of the MarshMello fiZZ* though!  They're meant to be broken into up to 4 BATHS!  :D!

Happy Grooming everyone!   

We are MarshMello.