Plant-Based Detangling Spray for Your Pooch! FREE Shipping at $69!


33oz. Pro* Size! Big Refills! Your Natural Plant-Extract Detangling Spray!

Loved by Professionals!  Your NO SILICONE Detangler!  It's the One the Dog Groomers Use.  Ships to USA/Canada!

  • Natural Plant Extracts give the SLIPPYNESS to Dematt.
  • Marshmallow root mucilage and Plant extracts smooth fur cuticle-restructuring the hair shaft
  • 33oz. size. (1Litre) - BIG MarshMello Refill.  Use these to Refill your 17oz. bottles!
  • Detangle & Dematt quickly and stress-free!

Slippyness comes from marshmallow root extract and psyllium.  Spray into tangles & matts---then slide your brushes and combs thru!  Let absorb about 30 seconds before detangling.

  • Yes, it smells like marshmallows!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Shannon M.

Love how soft and fluffy it makes my doodles and poodles.

Sara S.

MarshMellow is amazing! It leaves dogs hair silky smooth!

Amy P.

Absolutely love this product!!!! Works great and smells awesome!

Katelyn M.

I always spray this into the coat in the tub and brush through, then rinse. Boy does it work great!

Miranda S.

I've bought 3 of the big 33oz bottles and I love this stuff. A dab will do ya and it makes the coat so soft and shiny and easy to work with. I have let my coworkers try it and now whenever they have a dog with a difficult coat they ask for my "magic marshmallow spray".I use it on clients dogs as well as my own. Works great to freshen up between baths as well. Any time a client has difficulty keeping their pup brushed out between grooms I tell them to add Marshmello to their arsenal.
Shipping and customer service is always great, they sent me a free cologne once because my order was behind schedule- I didn't even have to ask. You really can't go wrong buying from them.