Plant-Based Detangling Spray used by the Pro's! FREE SHIPPING at $79!


Shampoo Pack! 2 x Shampoo's + plus Big Paw Balm!

 "I have only used it a couple times but it works wonders!  Definitely will buy again." Jocelyn W.

Professional shampoo.  Concentrated 32:1.  Squeeze an ounce into a separate bottle, then slowly fill up with water to not over-suds.  Shake and apply to wet fur.

SAVE:  $4.90 buying together!

  • Get TWO MarshMello CLEANSE Shampoo + plus a Big Paw Balm!
  • Plant-derived, Coconut-based Surfactant Cleansers!
  • Leaves Fur fluffy and Super Soft.  Everyday!

Goes a long way in salon!  Leaves coat light and airy-shiny!

  • Sulfate-FREE, Silicone-free, no betaines, paraben-free, no liquid plastics like other shampoos.

YES-MarshMello CLEANSE shampoo smells like marshmallows!

  • With Marshmallow root, Rich Shea Butter and Babassu oil!
  • Tons of Keratin for Rich, Lustrous finishes every time!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Noreen Linton

    I found it was incredible for handling the tangles. No more knots! I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t smell the product.


    Smells amazing and getting mats out works!

    Laurie Meyers

    When I used this shampoo on my Goldendoodles the results were amazing!!!!! They have never been so soft and grooming them after they dried was like cutting through butter. Thanks for developing a great product.

    LK Meyers

    Whoaa** oh thank you so much! It's such great confirmation...hearing this. I mean, I still groom too and experience it all the time too, :) so it's so great hearing it from another fellow groomer.
    Thank you so much-^Faith

    Jim Shea

    Shampoo Pack! 2 shampoo's + FREE Paw Balm!

    Doreen Cronin
    Love this stuff!!!!! 🐶❤️🐾

    Makes my doodle so fluffy and soft!! And it smells so nice (that’s coming from someone that has parosmia from Covid)!! Thank you so much!!!

    Thank you soo* much Doreen! So glad to hear! ^Faith :)