Plant-Based Detangling Spray used by the Pro's! FREE SHIPPING at $69!


All the Essentials! MiniBox #1!

Essential Set with the Shampoo and* Dematt!  Save $12.85!

  • 10oz. MarshMello Dematt Spray.  Plant-Based--Always Silicone Free!
  • Shampoo - CLEANSE - 8oz. size.  Professional Grade. No harsh sulfates.
  • Paw Balm - BIG 'Twist-up' STICK!
  • Marshmallow Spritz Scent - the famous 'smelly stuff'!

Bath your Dog, Prep the Coat - then get out the tangles easily!  Professional care for their fur.  Spritz on your favorite Scent following!  Don't forget those paws!

Ships to USA & Canada :).  Products You Can Feel Good about Sharing with Your Pet!

  • Always Silicone-Free, Sulfate-Free!  Plant-based Care.
  • We keep it simple. Luxury shouldn't have to be expensive!
  • Feels really slippy between fingers, spray directly into matts & tangles.  Let absorb, then gently ease tools and brushes through....rinse away!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ashley Housing
Wouldn’t recommend

The shampoo didn’t lather and the dematt spray has a bad spit smell to it. I’m not going to return it because it would be a hassle sending it to Canada. I just wish I hadn’t ordered SO much of the dematt based on a good review. Also, the dematt seems to make our puppy dingy faster. Even after barely using any this last bath since the smell is bad. Sorry, I really wanted to like it.

Hi Ashley-thank you for your review.
I'm sorry the smell of the MarshMello dematt is not what you were expecting. I can assure you it's not 'bad' though...all of our runs of Dematt are small so we can keep our stock fresh. I hope you were using the MarshMello Dematt prior to the bath and/or during** to detangle and then washing/rinsing it away in the bath. If you left it to dry in* the coat after; yes it would leave something on the coat as it's meant as a 'rinse out' after detangling. Thank you so much for trying. ^Faith
--messaging you now. :)

Paul Weber

the product was sent fast -- delivered fast --- problem --- but in the cold weather 1 bottle actually froze and burst . Will be contacting to see what can be replaced.


I was really surprised at how soft fluffy and clean smelling our pooch was after his spa. Will definitely recommend to everyone!!

Vicky Houska

I'm an IPG Master Groomer and Marshmello is my FAVORITE! My clients LOVE the feel and smell of their beloved pups and it works on every breed and coat type. As a groomer it's SO important to have a product thats safe to use so often, and Marshmello is number 1! My poodle Jupiter and I give it four paws up ❤

Pamela Nettleship
Great product. Smells great too!

Used on my Bichon so far and works well. 👍