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Scrumptious MARSHMALLOW Spritz!

You asked for More Marshmallow!  Spritz it after your bath to add softness and luxurious scrumptiousness - perfect for cuddling your Boy or Girl dog!  :D!

  • Infused with Real Chamomile!  4fl.oz (120ml).
  • Aloe for softness and coat conditioning and witchhazel!
  • The Scrumptious-est!  Marshmallow scent to finish your grooming!

Spritz lightly above their coat and allow to settle unto fur.  Dries fast.  Lasts.  I spritz about 4 times.  :)

*if you want all Marshmallow 'smelly stuff's' in the 4-pack, just order the 4-pack and let us know in the 'notes' you want all marshmallow scent, ok? :)

 All Spritzes are non-aerosol. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Arrived with the cap not tightened enough on one of them and it was empty, spilled all over the packing material.


Amazing detangler and smells so good!

Tina Brooks
Great smelling stuff- will purchase again!

Love the smell of this spray. Smells soft and not overwhelming……just wonderful. Lasts for days. Cant say enough about how nice it makes my dogs smell. I squirt a few sprays on after they come in from outside- my yorkie especially needs it since he doesnt have the silkier hair and so his fur picks up that outside smell. Its awful. You cant bathe them every day so this product helps tremendously. Highly recommend it!

Awesome to hear Tina! I'm so glad! Thank you. ^Faith :)

Scott Clark
Nice smelling dog scents

I gave these a try a few orders ago, our shop really likes them. Some dog scents tend to be overpowering but these have a nice pleasant smell, not too strong and both customers and our groomers enjoy using them. Would recommend

Jennifer Lamb
My favorite cologne!

As a dog groomer I've tried countless colognes but never settled on a specific one. Until I tried Marshmallow Smelly Stuff! It smells absolutely delicious and my clients LOVE it! The other groomers I work with bought it too after smelling mine since I did not want to share! Haha