Plant-Based Detangling Spray for Your Pooch! Silicone and Sulfate-Free!


Sell MarshMello in Your Own Salon! WHOLESALE Pricing! Clients LOVE this size for their Dog!

Finally! You can sell these 10 oz. size to your own *custies! A Great WHOLESALE PRICE!  Available NOW!  Ships to USA & Canada only!  Perfect fit for your tiny salon or full storefront retail boutique!

  • Great Handy Size for your Customers!  Doodle lovers, Havanese, Shih tzu....:D!
  • Comes with Wide Fan Sprayers & Counter Display PLUS a set of rackcards!
  • Your Dog Moms & Parents will Love!
  • Ships >> USA/Canada!

Finally!  :)  You can retail these li'l ones to your own customers!
10oz. (300ml) size perfect for dog parents at home!  $77.90 for 10!

WHOLESALE PRICING!  ($7.79 ea. >>> Sugg. Retail Price:  $14.95 each!)

  • Same great MarshMello!  Ready-to-use.  Don't dilute.  Shake well as always!
  • Perfect size fits awesomely on your counter or shelves in boutique area!

*Remember to let your custies know to rinse away after detangling.  Suggest that they use on their bath day at home! :)
Comes with the Counter Display (arrives flat-then fold*)

Get the Pro Tips!

What's in MarshMello? How do I use it? Shake it up & read all about it!

MarshMello Dematt Detangling spray for dogs.  Professional dog grooming products-at home use.  Plant-based shampoo and detangling spray.  Feels slippy.  Conditioning, detangling spray for dogs.