Plant-Based Detangling Spray for Your Pooch! Silicone and Sulfate-Free!


Salon 4-Packs! Pro* Detangling Size! - BIG Refills + a FREE fiZZ*-tab!

  • Great Value for Your Salon! 4-Pack Big Refills of MarshMello!
  • 33oz. Size!  FREE SHIPPING to USA & Canada!
  • For the Busy One-Groomer-Show or the 2-3 Person Salon!

Refill your Salon detangling spray bottles!  Perfect way to stay economical and green at the same time!  Save your sprayers too!

Keep it on-hand at boarding kennels and multiple dog homes.

  • No Silicones! YES-it smells like Marshmallows!
  • Feels Really Slippy! Leave in while you detangle; then rinse out in bath.
  • Comes with a FREE fiZZ*-tab as a BONUS to try!

Get the Pro Tips!

What's in MarshMello? How do I use it? Shake it up & read all about it!

MarshMello Dematt Detangling spray for dogs.  Professional dog grooming products-at home use.  Plant-based shampoo and detangling spray.  Feels slippy.  Conditioning, detangling spray for dogs.