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MarshMello Dematt! Pro* Size. Slippy Plant-based Detangling Spray!

"I love everything about this shampoo and dematting spray.  It smells amazing, leaves the coat soft and silky, full of body.  Finally a spray to help with mats!'  Hilary E.

It's the Detangling Spray the Dog Groomers Use!  Natural Plant Extracts Give You the 'Slippyness' You need to Detangle Easily!  Never Silicones. YES-it smells like marshmallows!  Your Groomer is Gonna Love You!

We never use Silicones!  The Slippyness comes right from Plant Mucilage!

  • Ready-to-Use!
  • Spray it in and allow the Plant Extracts to coat your dog's fur/hair.
  • Work your slicker brushes, pin brushes and combs through the tangles. Your MarshMello makes the detangling easier on both You and* your Dog!

Spray in; leave in dog's coat about 30 seconds to fully absorb.  Brush lightly in direction you want to do de-matting and detangling-to point all the fur in same direction.  Then use brushes, wide tooth comb or other tools to dematt.  Start at ends and work your way up!  You Got This!

  • The 17oz. size is perfect for at-home use too!  It fits comfortably in your hand.  Spray liberally directly into matts!  One at the tub, and one at your grooming station.
  • MarshMello Dematt leaves her fur Soft, Smooth and Lustrous from the inside out.  The shine is from natural Babassu oil, Keratin and Shea - not** silicones!

Remember you can use your MarshMello to Fluff-Dry too with your hair dryer.  Keep it in the fur while you dematt, rinse away or hand-dry to fluff it up!

  • RINSE away following in the bath.  It feels a bit more 'viscous' than old style silicones, so you want to rinse after detangling.  Rinses perfectly clean-no residue!

Pro Tip*:  Groomers - Use your High Velocity dryers with MarshMello Dematt in* the coat.  Use the nozzle to push apart thick, packed coat while the MarshMello stays in* the coat!  Point the hv nozzle directly into and at base of the fur; now move it rapidly back and forth.  Watch the fur fly!

MarshMello always* lists full ingredients:  Marshmallow root, Aloe, Veggie* Keratin, purified water, emulsifier (polysorbate 20-plant derived), Plantago psyllium, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium Benzoate (both food grade preservatives), guarano extract, hydrogenated olivate/olive oil and fragrance.  No Silicones!  PLANT-BASED!

*MarshMello has begun using Vegetable-sourced hydrolyzed Protein/Keratin which is superior in performance to conventional animal-sourced keratin!  :)  Yay!  It feels so good!

MarshMello was trade secreted originally, but as of Mar. 5th, 2017 we went full disclosure on ingredients!  :)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Elly Naiditch

I don’t believe it’s the best demoting spray especially since it’s advised to rinse out

Thank you so much Elly for trying anyway! We appreciate it!

Beverlee Larsson
Works great!

Love this detangler! Our 9 month old Australian Labradoodle gets matted. This product makes detangling our sweet dog, so much easier. No more cutting out the matts, thanks to Marsh-Mellow Dematt!,

Donna Ruel

I have not received it yet

hee-hee! It's There! Check your community mailbox/or mail-locker. 6 days ago....;P! Thanks! ^Faith - enjoy! :)

Cynthia Born
Marshmallow shampoo and dematt

So far.....haven't seen the dematt work. I've tried on several different coat textures. It really doesn't work. But like the smell and shampoo makes pups fluffy.

Deb Clark

I really like this product, it works as described for tangles. I have been using it on my Havanese show dogs for coat care and recommend this product. It arrived surprisingly quickly and did not disappoint.