Plant-Based Detangling Spray for Your Pooch! Silicone and Sulfate-Free!


'DROOL'-icious! BlueBerry-Dewberry Scent. Spritz it! :)

 The Effervescent, Extroverted BlueBerry!  :D!   --in a Spritz!

  • ​Yummy Blueberry!
  • Infused with Real Aloe, Chamomile & Witchhazel.
  • Blueberry-Dewberry Cologne Spritz!
  • The extroverted Blueberry bathes your dog in Luscious Blueberry!
  • Spritz lightly above coat & let settle.
  • Smells like Yummy Berry effervescence!
Or select 'DROOL'-icious! as one of the scents in your marshmello combo boxes if you prefer!  Tell us in the 'notes' section.  No problem.  :)

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      MarshMello Dematt Detangling spray for dogs.  Professional dog grooming products-at home use.  Plant-based shampoo and detangling spray.  Feels slippy.  Conditioning, detangling spray for dogs.