Your MarshMello Dematt! 17oz.! Slippery* Plant-based Spray!

Make detangling your dog's fur Easy without using Silicones!  The Slippyness comes right from Plant Mucilage!  YES-it smells like Marshmallows!

"I love everything about this shampoo and dematting spray.  It smells amazing, leaves the coat soft and silky, full of body.  Finally a spray to help with mats!"  Hilary E.

Natural Plant Extracts give You the 'Slippyness' You need to Detangle Easily!  Never Silicones!

  • It's Ready-to-Use!  Let it absorb in about 30 seconds...
  • Spray it in and allow the Plant Extracts to coat your dog's fur/hair.
  • Your MarshMello makes the detangling easier on both You and* your Dog! Work your slicker brushes, pin brushes and combs through the tangles. 

    Brush lightly in the direction you want to do your de-matting and detangling-just to point all the fur in same direction.  Spray in liberally--then use brushes, wide tooth comb or other tools to dematt.  Start at ends and work your way up!  You Got This!

    • The 17oz. size is perfect for at-home use too!  Comfortable handy size.  Spray liberally directly into matts!  One at the tub, and one at your grooming station.
    • MarshMello Dematt leaves fur Soft, Smooth and Lustrous from the inside out.  The shine is Natural from Babassu oil, Veggie* Keratin and Shea - not** silicones!

    Fluff-Dry too with your MarshMello and hair dryers.  Keep it in the fur while you dematt, rinse away or hand-dry to fluff it up!

    • RINSE away following in the bath.  It feels a bit more 'viscous' than old style silicones, so you want to rinse after detangling.  Rinses perfectly clean-no residue!
    • Your Groomer is Gonna Love You!

      Pro Tip*:  Groomers - Use your High Velocity dryers with MarshMello Dematt in* the coat.  Use the nozzle to push apart thick, packed coat while the MarshMello stays in* the coat!  Point the hv nozzle directly into and at base of the fur; now move it rapidly back and forth.  Watch the fur fly!

      MarshMello always* lists full ingredients:

      Marshmallow root, Aloe, Veggie* Keratin, purified water, emulsifier (polysorbate 20-plant derived), Plantago psyllium, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium Benzoate (both food grade preservatives), guarano extract, hydrogenated olivate/olive oil and fragrance.  No Silicones!  PLANT-BASED!

      *MarshMello has begun using Vegetable-sourced hydrolyzed Protein/Keratin which is superior in performance to conventional animal-sourced keratin!  :)  Yay!  It feels so good!

      MarshMello was trade secreted originally, but as of Mar. 5th, 2017 we went full disclosure on ingredients!  :)

      Get the Pro Tips!

      What's in MarshMello? How do I use it? Shake it up & read all about it!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 63 reviews
      Regan Mitchell
      Great Product

      I have a cockapoo that occasionally gets matted as his hair grows longer. Marshmello Dematt has made bath time and grooming a breeze. I have even used it as a little refresher in between washings. Great product, and I will be buying more!

      Love this stuff!

      We received our first bottle of Marsh-Mello-Dematt about 14 days ago and used it on smaller mats - which worked great. But last week I had a Clumber spaniel with his whole cravat felted. I sprayed Marsh-Mello-Dematt on it and was amazed at how easily I was able to brush out the mats! Yay! Finally!

      Oh Yay-Lesley! I'm so glad you like! Thank you again! :D!

      Dawnte Wood
      Great detangler!

      At first I was disappointed in the sprayer not creating a mist but coming out in big concentrated drops but after using it I realize how that makes it penetrate better ito the Matt's.
      My only wish is that it was approved for cats.

      Cindy McRitchie
      Works great! Smells wonderful

      I love the idea of not spraying a bunch of chemicals on my little dogs and this helped my sensitive Maltese through her precombing before her bath. She cries if I pull at a tangle so this worked out perfectly! Then after her bath and groom, a quick spray of the marshmellow Spray I also bought was very nice!

      Kim Fortney

      Your MarshMello Dematt! 17oz.! Slippery* Plant-based Spray!