Plant-Based Detangling Spray used by the Pro's! FREE SHIPPING at $79!


Your 2.0 MarshMello Dematt! Just Add Water! Makes 4 X Big Refills.

The 2.0 Big Refills* of Your MarshMello's Dematt's!  Makes 4 x 33oz. size Refills!

FREE SHIPPING!  Refill your Busy Salons!  These are so much lighter to have around your Salon!  They are FRESH right from the Day you Mix them up!  The rest in package stay fresh-ready for when you are!

$10.00 Savings from the Original 4-Packs because they're lighter*!

  • Easy to Dissolve in your 33oz. bottles!  Totally ECO-friendly MarshMello!
  • Home-Compostable* Packaging!  (made from Plant Lactic Acid-bio polymer that compost or biodegrades!)
  • STILL Plant-based, EASY detangling!  Spray in*, Let marinate*, Brush and comb through those tangles easily and stress-free!

Perfect way to stay economical and green at the same time!  Load up on 4 x Big Refills.

  • For Busy One-Groomer-Shows* or the Busy 2-3+ Groomer-Salons!

Keep them on-hand at boarding kennels and multiple-dog homes.

  • No Silicones! YES-it smells like Marshmallows!
  • Feels Really Slippy! Leave MarshMello 2.0 in the coat while you detangle; then rinse out in bath.

Get the Pro Tips!

What's in MarshMello? How do I use it? Shake it up & read all about it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Lynn Langford
Love it.

Smells awesome and works great.


Works! Smells great! Needed to know what size spray bottle to put in..

Chris Wilson
Love it!!

My Groomers love it!!! It makes brush out so much easier.

#SoundofTrumpets Chris! Thank you so much! ^Faith I'm so glad!

Laurie Meyers

The new 4 x Big refills for the Marshmello-dematt is FANTASTIC. So easy to use when the spray bottle is dry....just add water and the refill pod and you are all set up....great for the environment from a company that respects the environment and your pet's safety by using natural products. My Goldendoodles have never been softer, smelled so wonderful and free of matt's!!

Wahooo! YAY! Thank you soo much! The NEW 2.0! (1st official feedback*!) - May5/23 ^Faith :D!


Love it!