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MarshMelloBox - The Big Refills Plus+

One-Groomer Shows*, Dog-Moms and Smaller Salons - this is for You! Take all the Guesswork totally* out of it!
SAVE $5.80 by combining!
  • You Get TWO x Big Refills! Great way to Plan Ahead! (33oz. sizes).
  • 1 x Shampoo CLEANSE.
  • PLUS 1 x PawBalm 'Twist-up' Style!

Luxurious Cleaning with Soft Shea, Babassu oil for a further detangling effect and Keratin for sheen!  Rinses Perfectly Clean!  8oz. Shampoo (236ml).  SAVE $5.80 by combining your MarshMello's!

** If you want to try one of the NEW 2.0 33oz. MarshMello's instead of the Original for one - just ask in the notes section! **  We'll make sure it gets switched out for you!  :)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    jan Hepper

    MarshMelloBox - The Big Refills Plus+

    Rosemary Harris

    MarshMelloBox - The Big Refills Plus+

    Melissa Rintoul
    ❤️ this stuff!

    We have two chow chows. (Ozzy and Harriet). The younger of the two has the most incredibley dense coat. If you miss her daily brush by 10 minutes, I swear the matting begins. Behind the ears and her “pants” are her worst areas and this stuff just worked through and after shampooing and drying she is the absolute most beautiful fluffy girl! I’ve also noticed less tattiness in the weeks following her bath. Amazing product. If it can tame a chow chow’s fur coat it can work for anyone!!!

    Thanks Melissa! So glad you like! (i know it means 5 stars*****-lol) ^Faith

    Amy Poulin
    Love it!!!

    Absolutely love this detangler!

    Liisa Clare
    Best product ever

    The product line is wonderful, the fizzy tab works so well for my 16 year old Bichon. It removed all the crust that is attached to her moles, and he fur is not greasy