Plant-Based Detangling Spray used by the Pro's! FREE SHIPPING at $79!


Pro-Size! 33oz. Big Refill!

The Original MarshMello Dematt with the Water!  Your Silicone and Sulfate-free Detangler!

Big Refills are almost DOUBLE the amount of the 17oz. size.  Totally economical choice!  

Detangle Easily, Quickly and Stress-free!

Natural Plant Extracts give the SLIPPYNESS to Dematt.

    Slippy-ness* comes from marshmallow root extract and psyllium.  Spray into tangles & matts---then slide your brushes and combs thru!  Let absorb about 30 seconds to ensure absorbing into matts/tangles before detangling. (does not* include a Wide-fan sprayer)

    • Refill your 17oz. bottles!  Almost DOUBLE the amount.
    • 33oz. Big Refill size is ready-to-use.
    • Enriched with Veggie*-Keratin to help smooth fur hair cuticle.
    • Marshmallow root mucilage and Plant extracts smooth fur cuticle-restructuring the hair shaft!

    Refill your bottles in salon!  Loved by the Professional Groomers!

    The Big Refill does not* have a Wide-fan sprayer included-order that separately.  Yes, it smells like marshmallows! :)

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Jessica Coquat
      I love this stuff!

      I have been using the marsh-mellow dematting spray for years now! I started using it just for matting and compaction but I also love the way it leaves coats so soft and fluffy! The smell is amazing and my clients always mention how soft their pets are and how great them smell!

      So awesome to hear! Can't thank you enough! :) ^Faith

      Love your product

      Great product, great customer service. I had a dog booked and I needed some Marshmello stat!!
      It was received before the dog arrived and everything worked out wonderfully. Thank you for all you do

      Omgosh....thank you so much Tamera!
      I've been struggling to get out marshmello timely, recently...and this is so encouraging. Tiny companies rock* but we face challenges a li'l more often. The connection with our customers is priceless and so rewarding-this means so much. ^Faith :)