Plant-Based Detangling Spray used by the Pro's! FREE SHIPPING at $79!


BUY 3* - GET 1 FREE! NEW! Just Add Water! 33oz. Refills!

BUY 3* - GET 1 FREE! 'Till Nov 30th/9pm-PST!  We just put it in*!  :)

NEW!  The MarshMello Dematt 2.0!  We Got Rid of the Water in your MarshMello Dematt detangling spray!  Still Plant-based Slippy!

  • We're going ECO-friendly* and reducing our carbon footprint-shipping less weight, taking up less space!
  • The Same Great MarshMello Dematt!  33oz. size - The Big Refill!

Drop* the NEW MarshMello 2.0 into your 33oz.bottle.  Next - ADD the Water - it dissolves completely!  Still Silicone and Sulfate-free!  The Slippyness comes right from Plant Mucilage!

"We compacted it all right down into these little MarshMello Rollies!  It's surprising what our grooming products would look like - if we just delivered to you all of the good stuff - minus the water!"   Faith Chipman

Still all the same Natural Plant Extracts that give You the SLIPPYNESS You* need to Detangle and Dematt easily!  MarshMello 2.0 gives the same lustrous fluffiness for all your grooming!
  • Drop the MarshMello 2.0 Rollies* right into your Big Refill bottles!  Then-fill halfway with warm'ish** water - not hot!  Watch the 2.0 do its' dissolving right in front of you--in the NEW translucent bottles!
  • Shake bottle vigorously to help the 2.0 dis-integrate and dissolve into your Big Refill bottles.
  • Once dissolved - slowly ADD the rest of the water to the FILL LINE on label.
  • All the Same Awesome Aloe, Marshmallow Root extract and Veggie-Keratin is dissolved right along with the Slippy Plant Mucilage from its' NEW MarshMello 2.0 compact form!

Yepit still smells like marshmallows! :)

The Big Refills do not* come with a Wide-fan sprayer included.  Order that separately.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews
    Kirby Hunt
    Just as good as the original!

    Love LOVE Marshmello products! I also love that they are aiming for a more eco-friendly option with the dissolvable tablets. Works just as well as the original dematt spray, which is my #1 most recommended product to customers.

    Holy Shmokers! :D! Thank you so much Kirby! We're so glad you find this so! #beaming

    Deb Clark

    I give 5 stars. Love all your products. To be honest I haven't tried the MarshMellow 2.0 yet as I have quite a bit of product in stock to use first. I will get back to you though when I do test it out. Have a great day.

    Christina Conlin

    Thank you so much I really appreciate you sending me a new bottle when I didn’t receive my shipment. Thanks again 😊

    Eva Martinez

    I heard about this product on one of the groups im involved in and i gave it a try. It did take time to get delivered since it comes from Canada but it is worth it!! My goldendoodles have long hair and it helps remove matts faster. It leave the hair pretty smooth.

    Micheline Vaughan
    Best shampooo!!!

    Coming from a hairstylist , this shampoo is the best I’ve used on my doodles.
    Silicone free makes the world of a difference