Plant-Based Detangling Spray for Your Pooch! Silicone and Sulfate-Free!


The Big Refills! 33oz. Pro* Size! Your Natural Plant-Extract Detangling Spray! >> USA/Canada.

Loved by Professionals!  Your NO SILICONE Detangler!  It's the One the Dog Groomers Use.  Ships to USA/Canada!

  • Natural Plant Extracts give the SLIPPYNESS to Dematt.
  • 33oz. size. (1Litre) - BIG MarshMello Refill.
  • Detangle & Dematt quickly and stress-free!

Slippyness comes from marshmallow root extract and psyllium.  Spray into tangles & matts---then slide your brushes and combs thru!  Let absorb about 30 seconds before detangling.

  • Yes, it smells like marshmallows!

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MarshMello Dematt Detangling spray for dogs.  Professional dog grooming products-at home use.  Plant-based shampoo and detangling spray.  Feels slippy.  Conditioning, detangling spray for dogs.