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NEW! Just Add Water! 33oz. Refills!

NEW!  The MarshMello Dematt 2.0!  We Got Rid of the Water in your MarshMello Dematt detangling spray!  Still Plant-based Slippy!

  • We're going ECO-friendly* and reducing our carbon footprint-shipping less weight, taking up less space!
  • The Same Great MarshMello Dematt!  33oz. size - The Big Refill!

Drop* the NEW MarshMello 2.0 into your 33oz.bottle.  Next - ADD the Water - it dissolves completely!  Still Silicone and Sulfate-free!  The Slippyness comes right from Plant Mucilage!

"We compacted it all right down into these little MarshMello Rollies!  It's surprising what our grooming products would look like - if we just delivered to you all of the good stuff - minus the water!"   Faith Chipman

Still all the same Natural Plant Extracts that give You the SLIPPYNESS You* need to Detangle and Dematt easily!  MarshMello 2.0 gives the same lustrous fluffiness for all your grooming!
  • Drop the MarshMello 2.0 Rollies* right into your Big Refill bottles!  Then-fill halfway with warm'ish** water - not hot!  Watch the 2.0 do its' dissolving right in front of you--in the NEW translucent bottles!
  • Shake bottle vigorously to help the 2.0 dis-integrate and dissolve into your Big Refill bottles.
  • Once dissolved - slowly ADD the rest of the water to the FILL LINE on label.
  • All the Same Awesome Aloe, Marshmallow Root extract and Veggie-Keratin is dissolved right along with the Slippy Plant Mucilage from its' NEW MarshMello 2.0 compact form!

Yepit still smells like marshmallows! :)

The Big Refills do not* come with a Wide-fan sprayer included.  Order that separately.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Kirby Hunt
    Just as good as the original!

    Love LOVE Marshmello products! I also love that they are aiming for a more eco-friendly option with the dissolvable tablets. Works just as well as the original dematt spray, which is my #1 most recommended product to customers.

    Holy Shmokers! :D! Thank you so much Kirby! We're so glad you find this so! #beaming


    Used it today on 2 matted dogs. Brushed out well!

    Deb Clark

    I give 5 stars. Love all your products. To be honest I haven't tried the MarshMellow 2.0 yet as I have quite a bit of product in stock to use first. I will get back to you though when I do test it out. Have a great day.

    Christina Conlin

    Thank you so much I really appreciate you sending me a new bottle when I didn’t receive my shipment. Thanks again 😊


    I love this stuff. Works like magic if used properly