33oz. Pro* Size! Big Refills! Plant-Extract Detangling Spray!

Refill your bottles in salon!  Loved by the Professional Groomers!  Big Refills are almost DOUBLE the amount of the 17oz. size.

Totally economical choice!  Your NO-SILICONE Detangler.

Detangle Easily, Quickly and Stress-free!

Natural Plant Extracts give the SLIPPYNESS to Dematt.

    Slippy-ness* comes from marshmallow root extract and psyllium.  Spray into tangles & matts---then slide your brushes and combs thru!  Let absorb about 30 seconds to ensure absorbing into matts/tangles before detangling. (does not* include a Wide-fan sprayer)

    • Refill your 17oz. bottles!  Almost DOUBLE the amount.
    • 33oz. Big Refill size is ready-to-use.
    • Enriched with Veggie*-Keratin to help smooth fur hair cuticle.
    • Marshmallow root mucilage and Plant extracts smooth fur cuticle-restructuring the hair shaft!

       The Big Refill does not* have a Wide-fan sprayer-order that separately.  Yes, it smells like marshmallows! :)

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews
      Donna Calabrese
      Amazing product

      I breed and show GSDs but always loved Afghans. After my daughter finished V I was lucky enough to be able to keep her however, managing an afghans coat is difficult… I ordered this and could not believe how well it worked. It helped me save her furnishings and did exactly what they said! I highly recommend this product. Can’t wait to try it on a gsd Blowing coat to see how easy it helps it all come out when I blow them out with them I power dryer!!!

      Whoa** - so awesome to hear Donna! I'm so glad it helps. Add 4oz. MarshMello to pre-mxied shampoo too to boost your slippyness when you do your de-shed on your GSD. Thank you, ^Faith

      Janet Lariviere

      33oz. Pro* Size! Big Refills! Your Natural Plant-Extract Detangling Spray!

      Donna Connolly
      Works great

      Spray comb and wash. Works wonderful
      I raise Maltese and was looking for something to help matting.

      Tina Straughter-Brewer
      Spells awesome!!!

      It works. Don’t think about it. Get it. I have three kids and it does wonders and they don’t seem to mind it at all. Less tangles is a happy pet!

      Awesome!! omgosh* so great-thank you! Glad it helps. :) #beaming.

      wendy Holt Moon
      Combing out is a charm

      Abby had a spa day yesterday and I used new products this weekend Marsh Mello Shampoo and Detangler. OMG!!! lovely shampoo, the best comb and blow out, no matts, a couple small snarls, nothing serious, her hair blew and dried quickly plus surprisingly it was wonderfully white even better than using bluing. And its a made in BC product.
      Abby had been getting more matts and snarls lately and a bit of cotteny hair on the shoulders. Its been tougher combing her out. The Marshmello has left her hair soft and tangle free. Combing out is a charm.

      Wow* - omgosh - Thank you so much Wendy!
      Awesome to hear! Yah!