Plant-Based Detangling Spray used by the Pro's! FREE SHIPPING at $79!


33oz. Pro* Size! Big Refills! Your Natural Plant-Extract Detangling Spray!

Loved by Professionals!  Your NO SILICONE Detangler!  It's the One the Dog Groomers Use.  Ships to USA/Canada!

  • Natural Plant Extracts give the SLIPPYNESS to Dematt.
  • Marshmallow root mucilage and Plant extracts smooth fur cuticle-restructuring the hair shaft
  • 33oz. size. (1Litre) - BIG MarshMello Refill.  Use these to Refill your 17oz. bottles!
  • Detangle & Dematt quickly and stress-free!

Slippyness comes from marshmallow root extract and psyllium.  Spray into tangles & matts---then slide your brushes and combs thru!  Let absorb about 30 seconds before detangling.

  • Yes, it smells like marshmallows!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Tina Straughter-Brewer
Spells awesome!!!

It works. Don’t think about it. Get it. I have three kids and it does wonders and they don’t seem to mind it at all. Less tangles is a happy pet!

Awesome!! omgosh* so great-thank you! Glad it helps. :) #beaming.

wendy Holt Moon
Combing out is a charm

Abby had a spa day yesterday and I used new products this weekend Marsh Mello Shampoo and Detangler. OMG!!! lovely shampoo, the best comb and blow out, no matts, a couple small snarls, nothing serious, her hair blew and dried quickly plus surprisingly it was wonderfully white even better than using bluing. And its a made in BC product.
Abby had been getting more matts and snarls lately and a bit of cotteny hair on the shoulders. Its been tougher combing her out. The Marshmello has left her hair soft and tangle free. Combing out is a charm.

Wow* - omgosh - Thank you so much Wendy!
Awesome to hear! Yah!


Robert Graham
Pro size

Great product..liking the results. Waiting patiently for the availability of the shampoo to try as well.

Carlos Lorenzo
Great profucts

We are happy with this product and recommend it to everyoe. It will make your life a lot easier.

Bethanie McGahan
Fluffy puppy

I am a groomer of over 20years
And I just ordered and tried the marshmallow shampoo and dematt spray
I love the outcome of the coats!
Way cool stuff!
I wish the spray came in gallon or bigger size