Plant-Based Detangling Spray for Your Pooch! Silicone and Sulfate-Free!


Dog Cologne Collection! All 4* Spritz Scents!

Collect all Four!  Totally Fun way to Spice up your Pup Life!

  • Droo*l-icious! captures the essence of Blueberry & Dewberry!
  • BoiToi for the Boy-Dogs* - Ginger Pear Spicy.
  • Island 'Dawg' - Tropical Pineapple and Smooth Coconut!
  • Marshmallow - Pure marshmallow-y bliss!
     Chamomile is extracted in-house from the flowers with soothing Aloe & Witchhazel.  Spritz about 4 times above coat, covering eyes-and let the scent settle gently unto coat.
    If you want all-of-one scent or any combination-leave a 'note' in the comment section and we'll make sure you get them!  :D!

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    What's in MarshMello? How do I use it? Shake it up & read all about it!

    MarshMello Dematt Detangling spray for dogs.  Professional dog grooming products-at home use.  Plant-based shampoo and detangling spray.  Feels slippy.  Conditioning, detangling spray for dogs.