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fiZZ*-tabs! Bath Tablet - Effervescent Action + Bathe

Effervescent** - fiZZ*-tab bath tablet that cleans your dogs' skin and ALSO shampoo's** at the same time!  Gentle, sudsing action!

YES - You can bath your dog with this too! Get up to* FOUR WASHES per tablet!  Great for skin health!  Pressed hard-bath-bomb* like tablets!

  • Support Skin Health on Your Dog with Gentle Bubbling Action*. Increases circulation.
  • Put pieces into your shower-head reservoir or reservoir-bathing nozzle!
  • You BREAK them apart to fit into your particular nozzle reservoir! Crack off pieces as you need---& break the middle in two to get FOUR small dog washes!

" They Deliver Oxygenation*, Carbon Dioxide, Bubbling Action* directly at the skin, coupled with Organic Lavender essential oil and Colloidal silver! "

  • With sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), gentle, suds'ing-shampoo, citric acid, epsom salt, and organic lavender essential oil!
  • USE it as your FIRST WASH! Great for dog's skin! It's a mild shampoo**, so will clean-but rely on your 2nd shampoo for regular conditioning of your coat!

Does NOT** come with nozzle-reservoir sprayer as pictured above. (I got this one for $23 off amazon. Search:  -car wash nozzle shampoo or -showerhead chlorine filter for a couple types.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Works really well

Cinnamon's mom
Works as hoped!

I have only used the tablets twice so far on my doggie, but they are easy to separate and fizz nicely. The owner of this company was very helpful and provided me with important information on various options on how to successfully use the product.

scotia t.

I swear these chill the dogs out ive had a few dogs who usually bite and snap that after using this product they calm right down ! I wish they lasted a little longer as i find some pucks seems to fizz longer then other maybe it has to do with density but still worth it !

Connie C.

I’ve tried them as first shampoo didn’t care for them that way, however using as second shampoo worked great! So I will continue to use as second shampoo, then condition and rinse.