Plant-Based Detangling Spray for Your Pooch! Silicone and Sulfate-Free!


fiZZ*-tabs! Effervescent Carbon Dioxide Tablet - Baths Your Dog too!

fiZZ*-tabs!  YES - You can bath your dog with this too! Up to FOUR WASHES per tablet!  Great for skin health!  Pressed hard-bath bomb-like tablets.

  • Support Skin Health on Your Dog with Gentle bubbling Action-increases circulation.

You BREAK them apart to fit into your particular nozzle reservoir! Crack off pieces as you need---& break the middle in two to get FOUR small dog washes!

  • Effervescent-Carbon Dioxide tabs: Clean the dogs' skin and Shampoo at same time! Gentle, sudsing action.  Massage in!  Both at the same time!
  • Put pieces into your shower-head reservoir or reservoir-bathing nozzle!

  •  They Deliver Oxygen*, Carbon Dioxide, Bubbling Action* directly at the skin, coupled with Organic Lavender essential oil and Colloidal silver!
  • With sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), gentle, suds'ing-shampoo, citric acid, epsom salt, and organic lavender essential oil!
  • USE it as your FIRST WASH! Great for dog's skin! It's a mild shampoo**, so will clean-but rely on your 2nd shampoo for regular conditioning of your coat!

Does NOT** come with nozzle-reservoir sprayer as pictured above. (I got this one for $23 off amazon - & I can put regular shampoo into it too!).

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